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NextSec membership is completly free and is open to:

How to join:

  1. Create a LinkedIn profile

    As a professional group, membership is managed via our LinkedIn group. If you do not already have a LinkedIn profile, go ahead and create one first.

    Join LinkedIn
  2. Linkedin permissions 33 32a4e625ef16efff31419b5ea21904f7c6d5ff89ec4eb2a500e1db643d909156Connect with NextSec

    Click the button below to link your LinkedIn profile with the NextSec website. You'll be asked by LinkedIn to confirm you're happy for some basic information to be shared with us (name, current job, etc).

    Connect to NextSec
  3. Tell us what you're interested in

    Finally, complete your profile with NextSec by telling us what sorts of events you're interested in, on what topics, and where are convenient locations for you to get to. This really helps us make sure what we do is as relevant and useful to our members as possible.

You'll then have full access to our website and be able to register to attend events.

If you have any questions or problems with the membership process, please contact us.